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Higher Education CRM

There are lots of good questions about using CRM in a Higher Education setting. Contact Apex IT for good answers.


Higher education organizations are looking to do ever more with less. As officials feel pressure to more effectively spend (and share) limited resources, individual departments such as recruiting, marketing, admissions, and the registrar have come under intense scrutiny. And while competition from regional and distance-learning options has increased, professional advertising, promotional, and communications campaigns require very significant capital investments.

A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system can help by streamlining operations, creating efficiencies, and conserving resources. More than a software point solution, CRM should be thought of as part of a constituent-centric model and undertaken as an enterprise solution. The most successful higher ed CRM solutions also address the "big picture": the organization's overall goals and long-term vision.



In 2003, Apex IT adapted the very first CRM for a higher education client, and we continue to lead more of these projects than any other firm.

As recognized experts in Higher Education CRM, Apex IT is invited to deliver more than a dozen webinars and speeches on this topic every year. We co-present with customers at national user conferences including HEUG's (Higher Education User Group) Alliance, participate in numerous "CRM for Higher Education Product" focus groups, and host a CRM for Higher Education user group which brings together other customers to share their experiences and challenges

In addition to implementation and ongoing support, Apex IT's services for higher education clients include CRM assessments and assistance with strategic planning, including road mapping.

Contact us to discuss whether a CRM solution is a good fit for your organization.


Post University, located in Waterbury, CT, implemented Oracle CRM On Demand to improve lead flow and its ability to service students.  ApexIT provided the implementation.