Accurate and complete customer data is a cornerstone of an effective and efficient CX strategy and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Common problems that arise from inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate customer data are very real, including multiple sales reps working on duplicate accounts, ineffective marketing due to duplicate leads and poor customer service resulting from inaccurate data. Benefits of a single source of customer truth include:

  • Marketing, Sales, and Service having a true 360 Degree View of the customer to have visibility across the customer journey providing better engagement
  • Sales having an accurate global pipeline and forecast report
  • Marketing and Sales identifying new opportunities to interact with customers and recognize new customer segments
  • Enhancing business intelligence, reporting, and analytic capabilities
Here are some tips on addressing your Customer Enterprise Data Management strategy:
  1. Assess your current state architecture, inventorying where customer data (and which elements and attributes) reside, who need access to that data and who needs to change that data.
  2. Conduct data profiling of your key systems to determine how clean your data is and what needs to be addressed
  3. Determine you future state architecture identifying your master system, which could be Oracle CDM Cloud, and which systems will publish data to the master and which systems need to subscribe to that data
  4. Identify your idea state customer data model, the hierarchies and relationships, and attributes and security. Also map out your future state requirement needs and use cases around duplicate prevention, data enrichment, survivorship, and system cross-referencing
  5. Focus on your data governance policies and processes, and how your data stewardship team is structured
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