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Using ML & AI to Drive Marketing

Introduction So what exactly is machine learning and artificial intelligence? In short, like other analytical tools, ML and AI transform data into knowledge. ML scours vast amounts of data to uncover an insight exposed in patterns and aims to identify the rules that seem to govern the data, then apply that learning to the query, […]

Marketing Automation Trends for 2022 According to the Pros

Marketing automation software automatically manages and streamlines processes within digital marketing campaigns. These can include email marketing, social marketing, live chat, website monitoring, and lead scoring. Automation helps marketing teams do more with less and provides various business benefits, including improved return on investment (ROI) and lead quality. Here, several experts weigh in on marketing automation trends for 2022 and […]

How Strategy Accelerates Business

Unfortunately, most businesses today bypass the disciplined process of strategic planning which can set a clear light on quantifiable benchmarks for stakeholders, partners, and customers. Many times, management plans are just a combination of past business experiences, anecdotal market knowledge, and intuitive decision-making. However, to succeed, every organization needs to invest in a comprehensive marketing […]