Understanding your Digital Transformation Capability Maturity Level

The way we use technology is changing daily, which can prove to be challenging for many marketers to keep up. How you engage your customers becomes a living organism that needs to be nurtured and analyzed daily. While great products and services with satisfied customers can still see revenue growth from word of mouth, new digital avenues for marketing and advertising reign are the keyways to engage new customers.

Positive reviews online can connect your brand to new groups, while dissatisfaction can spread like wildfire through social channels. We must make every effort to monitor our brand, create a personal experience for our customers, and inform the masses about our product or services.

How do we do this when there are just not enough hours in the day? How do we effectively monitor, nurture, and communicate today, but pivot with the constant changes of the digital age? The answer is with Digital Transformation.


Digital Transformation

So, what is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation is the ability to create or modify business processes, customer experience, and market requirements: the overall revision of business in a digital era is Digital Transformation.

It helps change the way our organization operates by taking advantage of advanced processes and workflow automations.

Digital Transformation uses algorithms and data to create unique, automated journeys that bring value to customers and your business. We have found that 80% of organizations that have a digital transformation program see increased profits. (SAP Center for Business Insights)

Understanding Capability Maturity Levels

By using a Capability Maturity Model as a foundation, organizations can build their strategic and tactical marketing capabilities rapidly, narrowing their gaps and capitalizing on their strengths. A Capability Maturity assessment becomes a guide for companies to connect all teams (Marketing, Sales, Services) and processes to enhance customer engagement in a single defined roadmap and collaborative workflow. Not understanding one’s Capability Maturity level and gaps can lead to a stagnant marketing program; or worse, a dissatisfying customer experience.

Over the years we have found that…

40% of companies do not have a Digital Transformation program in place to create an agile plan that allows them to pivot effectively with the constant changes in the digital marketing world.​

More than 54% of companies are not using their current Marketing Technology stack to its full potential. ​

Most companies believe that digital transformation will disrupt their current marketing program.​

On a scale of 1 (Novice) through 5 (Guru) most organizations’ overall marketing programs are a 2-2.5 and they don’t know how to progress to greater heights.

What is your Digital Transformation Capability Maturity Level?

At Apex Theorem, we use our Digital Transformation Analysis to help companies understand their Capability Maturity level. Our Digital Transformation Analysis service begins and ends with your customers in mind. With our flexible evaluation process, we create a proprietary roadmap that optimizes your current marketing efforts and innovates your organization’s future state.

Our award-winning Marketing Acceleration Advisors create systematic, proprietary solutions that convert more leads, boost customer engagement and drive revenue by defining, implementing, and optimizing your digital transformation program.​

Take our free Level 1 CMM quiz  or contact us to learn more about how Theorem can help you enhance your Marketing program using advanced Digital Transformation Methods.


Article written by: James Luck, Managing Director of Theorem, div. Apex IT, [email protected]

James Luck

James Luck is the Managing Director of Apex IT's marketing division, Apex Theorem. As a thought leader among those in the digital marketing industry, James provides advice and strategy around Digital Transformation and Marketing Technologies. James is certified in many ESPs and helps organizations enhance their marketing programs to be more engaging with their target audience using omni-channel tactics. Apex Theorem’s award-winning Marketing Acceleration Advisors create systematic, proprietary solutions that convert more leads, boost customer engagement and drive revenue by defining, implementing, and optimizing organizations’ digital transformation program. Utilizing his team's expertise in email marketing, web design, SEO, social media management, and more, James can provide comprehensive solutions that help companies succeed online.