Proactive Chats & Chatbots User Chatting with Chatbot on Mobile Phone

Proactive Chats & Chatbots – Is This Part of Your Customer and Internal Service Strategy?

You may have noticed recently many best-in-class websites leveraging proactive chat pop-ups – you know, those “Can we help you” pop-up windows that can connect you to a support agent.

As a consumer, they’re helpful to answer questions. But for the company providing it, there’s science/strategy behind those. They are intended to not only ensure customers are having their questions answered, but also to drive additional sales. If a customer leaves frustrated because they had questions about a product, it results in lost potential sales. Connecting with the customer quickly is proven to solidify sales.

This type of application is not just for customer support, there are very relevant use cases for doing this sort of thing on your internal intranet sites for an employee use case. The benefits are significant, including improved customer/employee satisfaction, reduction in lost sales, etc. Chatbot technology can also be incorporated to minimize cost and provide that 24×7 support that is difficult (and expensive) to staff.

Are these areas part of your near-term strategy? If not, it should be. Apex IT can help you develop that strategy and implement these with significant ROI. Ask us how.