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Five ways IoT & Field Service can Better Enable Your Company

Would you consider your field service operations reactive or proactive?  Hopefully, yours are proactive, but most are not. We often see field service organizations performing service work when things break, when a customer calls with an issue or when there is a defined schedule for performing preventative maintenance on products that may be imprecise (i.e. […]

Benefits of Moving to Oracle Field Service

There is an increasing demand for Click Software customers needing to move off of their older (soon to be unsupported) software. As Oracle Field Service experts, we wanted to share some insights into the drivers and benefits of moving from Click Software to Oracle Field Service Cloud as well as customer outcomes and strategies during […]

Top Field Service Technology and Trends

In a mid-pandemic field service environment, plenty of solutions have arisen on the fly. From hybrid operations to revamped safety protocols, it seems like things are in flux. Field service has permanently changed—perhaps more dynamically than any other business function. The pandemic has reinforced the importance of customer service by understanding customers across every service and digital touchpoint to […]

Deliver Customer Service that Meets the Moment

Over the last two years, brands were forced to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in just a few short weeks to meet the need for all things contactless. During that time, customers made purchases and were serviced over digital channels more than ever before. And now, when they reach out to brands for help, expectations are high […]

The City of Los Angeles wins Markie Award

The Angeleno Card Program is one that has made us immensely proud. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our client, the City of Los Angeles wanted to help citizens who had been financially hit the hardest by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Angeleno Card Program was launched in March 2020 to provide direct financial assistance, via […]

Modernizing Your Call Center is Critical to World Class Customer Experience

As the logistics and supply chain industry evolves in keeping with changing market dynamics, customer expectations have evolved to match how they engaging – just like in the consumer world. Customers expect flexibility, which is the freedom to change the order within a certain time period to suit the new customer requirement. They also expect […]

With Today’s Transportation Challenges, Focus on Improving Your Customers Experience (CX)

The challenges in transportation and logistics in 2017 are carrying into 2018. Regulatory change has been at the forefront. Warning signs of tightening capacity means sharply higher rates in a new era of pricing. Consumers just-in-time demands and continual increase of e-commerce increases the need for optimization. Business transformation, enabled by technology innovation, is enabling […]

Does Marketing Own the Customer Experience in the Transportation & Logistics Industry?

Who owns the customer experience? Do you define your customer’s engagement with your organization as ‘customer experience’? Do you have a customer experience strategy? Typically, marketing has focused on the first two steps of the customer journey — Awareness and Consideration, and Expansion. Sales is involved. Service is definitely involved. The C-Suite creates the directive to provide great customer […]

Customer Data Management is the Cornerstone for Successful Customer Experience Transformation

Accurate and complete customer data is a cornerstone of an effective and efficient CX strategy and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Common problems that arise from inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate customer data are very real, including multiple sales reps working on duplicate accounts, ineffective marketing due to duplicate leads and poor […]