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With Today’s Transportation Challenges, Focus on Improving Your Customers Experience (CX)

The challenges in transportation and logistics in 2017 are carrying into 2018. Regulatory change has been at the forefront. Warning signs of tightening capacity means sharply higher rates in a new era of pricing. Consumers just-in-time demands and continual increase of e-commerce increases the need for optimization. Business transformation, enabled by technology innovation, is enabling […]

Does Marketing Own the Customer Experience in the Transportation & Logistics Industry?

Who owns the customer experience? Do you define your customer’s engagement with your organization as ‘customer experience’? Do you have a customer experience strategy? Typically, marketing has focused on the first two steps of the customer journey — Awareness and Consideration, and Expansion. Sales is involved. Service is definitely involved. The C-Suite creates the directive to provide great customer […]

Customer Data Management is the Cornerstone for Successful Customer Experience Transformation

Accurate and complete customer data is a cornerstone of an effective and efficient CX strategy and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Common problems that arise from inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate customer data are very real, including multiple sales reps working on duplicate accounts, ineffective marketing due to duplicate leads and poor […]

Food Service Sales Growth Continues to Outpace Traditional Retail Sales Growth!

Change is both rapid and profound across the Consumer Goods Industry – we’re now making, selling, and buying in entirely new ways. Old business models have been turned on their heads, or needs to be! The lines between Principal, Broker, Distributor and End Consumer are blurring as new technologies are transforming the connected customer. Members […]

Proactive Chats & Chatbots – Is This Part of Your Customer and Internal Service Strategy?

You may have noticed recently many best-in-class websites leveraging proactive chat pop-ups – you know, those “Can we help you” pop-up windows that can connect you to a support agent. As a consumer, they’re helpful to answer questions. But for the company providing it, there’s science/strategy behind those. They are intended to not only ensure […]

Apex IT Sends 140 Children to Summer Camp

Gates Camp is a residential summer camp located at the base of the Indian Peaks Wilderness area west of Boulder, Colorado. Our unique camp offers Boys & Girls Club members a chance to experience new activities, learn a variety of new skills, and try new behaviors. Campers have the opportunity to make deep connections with both […]

Eduventures Announces 2016 Innovation Award Winners

October 25, 2016 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time BOSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) The National Research Center for College & University Admissions (NRCCUA), a leading provider of data and analytics solutions to public and private colleges and universities, announced the winners of the Eduventures 2016 Innovation Award. NRCCUA acquired Eduventures in September 2016. The Eduventures Innovation […]