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Does Marketing Own the Customer Experience in the Transportation & Logistics Industry?

Who owns the customer experience? Do you define your customer’s engagement with your organization as ‘customer experience’? Do you have a customer experience strategy?

Typically, marketing has focused on the first two steps of the customer journey — Awareness and Consideration, and Expansion. Sales is involved. Service is definitely involved. The C-Suite creates the directive to provide great customer experience. In most industries, the majority of CMOs feel that marketing owns the customer experience. How about in the transportation and logistics industry?

At Apex IT, we believe Marketing, Sales, and Service own the customer experience, but that a centralized group needs to own the consistency of the message and the experience the customer has throughout their journey of interacting with you. The marketing organization is enabled to provide centralized support when defining and mapping out the customer journey.

When defining your brand, there are three steps that you can take to define your customer’s experience.

Understand what your customers look like, how they make decisions, where they are along the routes you service. Segment them into different target audiences and personas. These personas may change how your market to them and even fine-tune your message, the channel you use, maximizing the experience of your prospect or customer.

Once your experience strategy has been created based on your target audience, collecting data and defining attribution about your customers helps determine your channel strategy. The data you collect may help with up-selling or cross-selling, website or e-commerce approach and design, and help customers interact and resolve more online.

Guidelines may consist of color schemes, fonts, and logo usage. But brands must look to develop a new playbook…by defining their brand experiences. Personas and behavior profiling can be used to create guidelines for customer interactions throughout the customer journey, resulting in building loyalty, increasing sales, and providing better customer service.

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