With Today’s Transportation Challenges, Focus on Improving Your Customers Experience (CX)

The challenges in transportation and logistics in 2017 are carrying into 2018. Regulatory change has been at the forefront. Warning signs of tightening capacity means sharply higher rates in a new era of pricing. Consumers just-in-time demands and continual increase of e-commerce increases the need for optimization.

Business transformation, enabled by technology innovation, is enabling greater visibility and optimization.

Four Trends are Emerging

  1. 1.

    Transportation organizations are focusing more on their customer’s journey and the experience they go through in doing business with them. Traditionally called CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we now define this as CX (Customer Experience). This includes Marketing, Sales, Incentive Compensation, Quoting and Pricing, Contract Management, and Customer Service and Retention.

  2. 2.

    There is event greater focus on expanding the capabilities and functionality of their transportation management system (TMS).

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    They need to focus on predictive analytics to get ahead of tomorrow’s needs by adjusting operations to reflect today’s immediate demand. Meanwhile, the use of Big Data will empower new fleets and freight optimization and consolidation measures, and IoT will provide new insights.

  4. 4.

    Having a single mastered record of an Account is an absolutely instrumental foundation required to accomplish the goals above, referred to as Enterprise Data Management.

For shippers, carriers, and providers in the ground, air, ocean, and rail transportation industry, Apex IT and Oracle can help you identify your customer’s ideal journey and enable your customer experience transformation leveraging Oracle CX.

Digital and Physical Touchpoints Chart

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