Call Center Representative Talking with a Customer

Modernizing Your Call Center is Critical to World Class Customer Experience

As the logistics and supply chain industry evolves in keeping with changing market dynamics, customer expectations have evolved to match how they engaging – just like in the consumer world.

Customers expect flexibility, which is the freedom to change the order within a certain time period to suit the new customer requirement. They also expect visibility and transparency throughout the order placement and delivery process, in real time.

While technology can enable these functions on digital channels, many customers would also prefer timely updates and responsive customer service from their logistics providers, as well as to get assistance from them for their inquiries and problem resolution.

If you haven’t replaced or upgraded your call center practices and solutions recently, there’s a good chance your customers have noticed. In that case, it’s probably time for a little contact center modernization.

Customer care has made huge advances over the last several years in focusing on the customer experience. Texting is now a common communication track for businesses, and AI and chatbots continue to forge new ground.

Today’s customers demand the flexibility to communicate in their preferred channel at their preferred time. And they no longer accept long wait times, multiple transfers, and impersonal service as the norm.

Save money over time by updating the systems you need today and prepare for the growing customer service channels of the future. Obviously, an incentive of modernizing contact centers is cost savings. As new technologies develop, make sure you have a roadmap in place that incorporates those technologies into your plan. Customers want to connect through traditional (phone) and more modern channels (email, chat, mobile, social). There is an investment to implement these channels, but they are easily automated and can cut costs and agent workflow. Upgrading your premise-based systems is also very costly. By moving to the cloud, you can cut multiple infrastructure costs and innovate faster.

Create better experiences for your customers and agents with solutions that make agents’ jobs easier. Modern solutions raise agents’ and managers’ productivity and job satisfaction while lowering attrition and training costs. Automated solutions, such as IVR and CTI improve the speed of agent assignment and knowledge as they engage via phone or chat. SMS assistants and provide proactive text messages and automated responses. Chatbots can engage and then pull in an agent at the right time.

Focus on strategy and a partner that will help you keep your contact center ahead of the curve. Apex IT and Oracle provide best practices, methodologies, strategies, business processes, and technology solutions that help you define and execute your roadmap. We bring benchmarks and best practices to the table from other organizations in the transportation and logistics industry, but also provide general CRM and Customer Experience leading practices. By finding a partner that will help with your strategy, you can also focus more time on your operational objectives.

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