Food Service Sales Growth Employee Delivering Takeout Order

Food Service Sales Growth Continues to Outpace Traditional Retail Sales Growth!

Change is both rapid and profound across the Consumer Goods Industry – we’re now making, selling, and buying in entirely new ways. Old business models have been turned on their heads, or needs to be! The lines between Principal, Broker, Distributor and End Consumer are blurring as new technologies are transforming the connected customer.

Members of Generation Y (Millennials) are being promoted into more senior decision-making positions. These buyers know how to use technology, they value work-life balance and are enthusiastic and creative.

With marketing creating ideal customer personas, it’s time for sales to approach the ‘most wanted’ accounts in creative ways.

Big data and Artificial Intelligence drastically improve the way we understand and respond to market trends.

Lots of questions, all with multiple answers. We’ve helped countless companies in the CPG/Retail/Food Service arena solve these problems, in a timely and profitable manner.

To learn more about Oracle’s offerings for CPG organizations, click here. To learn more about Oracle’s Customer Experience (CX) / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offerings, check out our Sales Solutions.

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