Five ways IoT & Field Service can Better Enable Your Company

Would you consider your field service operations reactive or proactive?  Hopefully, yours are proactive, but most are not.

We often see field service organizations performing service work when things break, when a customer calls with an issue or when there is a defined schedule for performing preventative maintenance on products that may be imprecise (i.e. the module truly doesn’t need to be replaced or serviced at that time).

Proactive servicing has huge returns when done properly and drives great customer satisfaction.


Imagine a customer’s surprise/satisfaction when a tech shows up to fix a problem before they even knew about it or before the problem happened in the first place?  That’s the dream state!

So how do you get to a state where you can do proactive servicing?  If you have maintenance schedules to service equipment regularly, you’re on the right track.  But you can do better.

IOT (Internet of Things) and when Artificial Intelligence can drive this process for you.



When your products are IOT connected and tied into your field operations, work orders can be automatically triggered based on configurable events.

This is a faster, specific and proactive service method and can help drive some significant ROI in your field service organization!


Here are five ways IoT & Field Service can Better Enable Your Company:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Real-time visibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Better customer service
  • Predictive maintenance



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